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Lianne Thomson

Have you ever spent time with someone who seems to constantly be down, or always moans about how unhappy they are? Aren’t they draining?  Well I was that someone, and that’s took me a good 30 years to not only realise but to admit.

Eventually I got sick of the sound of my own voice and after some brutally honest advice from valued friends I took their advice to stop moaning and do something about it.

I have always been fascinated about why people do what they do, the happy and successful ones and the not so happy or successful ones; and what I learned is for the happy and successful ones, it doesn’t start out as effortless.  It takes a decision to make a change, then working at that Every. Single. Day.  Until it feels effortless; and just like any habit it really can become a way of life.

So I did that, I took responsibility for my life, I worked at changing my direction. Every. Single. Day.  Sometimes successful, and to begin with quite a lot of not very successful at all.  Oh and laughter, I love to laugh, it’s what dragges you through when you want to lay face down in the mud and give in.

We need humour in our lives so I coach with honesty, humour and reality.

Lianne x

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