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I contacted Lianne when I received an unexpected career opportunity which would mean leaving a job I really enjoyed, for a promotion, but that which would be an unknown… I felt that I really valued having a good workplace and great colleagues, but that such significant opportunities wouldn’t always be available and I may be in danger of talking myself into or out of a decision, which I might then regret… basically, I needed help to come to a decision that I could comfortably take forward.
I was also aware that my confidence levels weren’t right at the time as I couldn’t really understand why I had been offered the new role… and I was questioning whether I was ‘worth it’…

Lianne’s coaching sessions allowed me to reconnect with successes and experiences I had previously been proud of, and she was able to convincingly remind me that I could indeed ‘do’ the new job role, and not just that… but in time, make it more of my own role and potentially go further.

The main benefit for me, was a genuine feeling of confidence… that I could trust my instincts, that they wouldn’t let me down and that there was nothing but positive potential ahead… I am naturally quite cynical so to get that result is no mean feat! Lianne’s holistic approach also encouraged me to consider the impact of my previous doubts in my domestic setting, and allows for the realistic acceptance that not every day will be perfect.

A measure of the sessions, is that I am now several months into my new role, which despite being a considerable change and not without challenges… I do not regret the decision to leave the job I loved… and I realise that there is more to come…

I wholeheartedly recommend Lianne… she is approachable, down to earth and has a natural integrity which suits her ably for this type of service.

J N Bradford, West Yorkshire