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Why work with me


Lianne Thomson

First You was born out of the thrill I get when I coach someone and they have that ‘moment’, that dawning realisation that they can actually take charge of the direction of their own lives, they, no one else, but them. I love being part of that.

I could make this all really formal and boring but that’s not me I’m afraid, taking control of your own life and your future is serious business, but also pretty awesome. Will it be a breeze?  You choose, there will be moments of doubt or fear, but this is normal, will others think you’ve gone crazy? possibly, but this is not about them this is about you.

The moment they know they have options be it in an area such as career, relationship, finances, health, fitness, business or personal development or just in the general outlook they take on this great journey we call life. I love being part of that. When someone finally decides enough is enough, no more living in the past and focusing on what they have no control over what so ever and what’s missing in their life, and knowing they are entitled to grab life by the … lapels… and shove it in the direction they want. I love being part of that.

There’s a reason why the airlines tell you to put your oxygen mask on first when you fly, if your not ok, how can you help others to be ok. You might manage it for a short time but you can’t do it forever.

My formal qualifications…

I am a certified Coach – a qualified NLP Practitioner.

I am also a member of ANLP

The other stuff that I know is equally valuable is the 20+ years working in the public sector supporting and managing people – I have a range of qualifications in people management, change management and business management, but it’s the people stuff that I always gravitated back to. The thing is work is mostly easy, you know how to do your job, it’s when life throws us a curve ball or things just gradually change over time or life just gets in the way and impacts and you seem to be losing direction that things start getting tricky. . Coaching is a great way to get some perspective and focus and change your direction for the better.

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